How performance fabric furniture can help you ease the transition to fall fun

Fall is right around the corner. Your kids may be headed back to school,but they will also take advantage of the crisp, cool weather after hours before winter and all of its inclement weather rolls in. Between jumping in leaves, trick-or-treating on Halloween and playing in the dirt in general, they’ll track an unwanted mess into your home. That means you need to be prepared for the mud, rain, debris and everything in between.

Furniture using performance fabrics can be a great investment to consider at this time, especially if you’re preparing for the holiday season with more family gatherings than usual. Your furniture shouldn’t have to succumb to seasonal distress — you can prepare for the inevitable with sofas, lounge chairs and other seating arrangements that are equally stylish, functional and protected from wear and tear.

Here are a few ways we recommend incorporating performance fabric furniture throughout your home as you prepare for fall:

1. Outdoor seating cushions
Your outdoor living space, whether it’s the front porch or back patio, is going to feel the brunt of your children’s impact as they race from mud piles to your outdoor seating arrangements to rest. Just because this furniture is outdoors doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take care of it just as you would your indoor setup. Select cushions with performance fabrics can ease the blow that comes with outdoor play and keep these cozy areas of your exterior space looking great at the same time.

outdoor patio with performance fabric cushions

Prepare your outdoor patio with performance fabric cushions.

2. Chairs in your living room
Whether you and your family spend the most time in the living room or family room, the seating arrangements in the space that sees the most traffic should involve performance fabric. At the very least, your shared seating option should be protected — a sectional sofa made using performance fabric can accommodate the whole family without looking worn out too quickly.

3. Area rug in entry areas
Fall weather is truly unpredictable. Between the rain, wind, early snow and more, you tend to see the conditions of all of the seasons between the months of September and November. Instead of letting the kids trail in all of the dirt from playing in the yard, place high-traffic performance area rugs in the entryway as well as the landing near the back door. Area rugs that do well with foot traffic are generally dark in color and include a pattern to hide potential stains and wear and tear. Shades reminiscent of fall, such as burgundy, brown or deep orange can make a beautiful seasonal statement while also keeping your floors in great shape.

large rug with a lovely pattern at the entryway to keep the space tidy

Place a large rug with a lovely pattern at the entryway to keep the space tidy.

Work with a personal decorating consultant from PT Designs Inc – Decorating Den Interiors
Investing in new furniture can be a fun and exciting venture, but finding performance fabric options that flow with the rest of the theme in your home can be difficult. If you need assistance pairing performance fabric furniture and accessories with your current setup, contact PT Designs Inc – Decorating Den Interiors.

He or she will come to your home for a free consultation to evaluate your living space, discuss your ideas and provide interior design expertise based on your vision. After the initial consultation, you can continue to meet with your decorator at any capacity, meaning you can be as involved or removed from the process as you want. Regardless of your involvement, your decorator will ensure your living space comes together seamlessly with the addition of performance fabric furnishings.

Fall will be here before you know it. Even more, winter will also creep up quickly behind it. Investing in performance fabric furniture and accessories is a great way to prepare for the future and keep your house looking great no matter the season.

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